Monday, March 15, 2010

Shaker, rattle, I'm on a roll

Got to spend quite a bit of time the shop this weekend and made a bit a progress on both of the pending projects.

The Woodworkers Fighting Cancer Shaker Table Build
Over the weekend I managed to get the aprons for the table cut, and the tennons made.  Following the advise of The Wood Whisperer I custome fit each tennon to its respective mortise.  Did a dry assembly, and finally got the carcass of the table glued up (in two stages).
I will have to do a little "evening" where one of the aprons meets one of the legs (I've got a 1/16th ridge where the apron ended up proud of the leg), but otherwise I'm pretty happy with how this is coming together.

I think the next thing on this table is going to be the top.

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