Friday, September 11, 2009

Good bye, good luck, and thanks for all the fish...

I would bet that nearly all high school students, who are sucessful (in both school and life), can look back and pick out at least one teacher who "made a difference" for them.  For me that teacher was Mr. Horne.  I had Mr. Horne EVERY YEAR from 7th Grade through 12th Grade.

7th Grade Math
8th Grade Math
Algebra I
Algebra II
Advance Math (or Pre-Calc)

I'm good at math, but I wonder if I was good at math and was in his class, or because I was in his class I'm good at math.  Truthfully other students who took his class weren't so good at math....

Mr. Horne was a lot like me (or am I a lot like him, because of my 6 years sitting in the 2nd row?).  He had a dry sense of humor, he was quirky, he liked computers....

I do understand that what I am today it NOT totally due to his infullence, but I understand I would not be what I am today if I had Mr. Frazier for math (he taught the "normal" math classes).

I did go back to my highschool once, probably about 5 or 6 years after I graduated to do some computer work for the school (Apple II computers at that time) and went and found his classroom.  I was crushed when he didn't remember me right off....  oh well, human is human.

In retrospect, I would bet Mr. Horne was gay, but at the time he came across more as just being asexual.

Mr. Horne passed away on Tuesday, September 8, 2009.  He was 72 years old (which means he was 42 when I had him for my first class - gods I'm older than that now!  How did that happen?)

Now all I can say is thank you, job well done, and good luck on whereever you next journey takes you.

Warmest Regards Mr. Horne
Kerry (rember me ... one of the kids you used to take the UNH and we would steal computer time from their main frame....)

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