Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Tool Snafu

Well, my new DadoMax jig did show up on Monday, but I'm nearly through a 2 week long preparation for my next cancer treatment and my energy is low.  I did look at the stuff on Monday and thought: "Hey, there really ought to be some instructions in here..."

It was too late to call Woodline, so I had to wait till Tuesday morning.  On Tuesday, I called and talked to Wayne Suttor (Now I think I'm spelling it right) and he immediately knew I was calling looking for instructions (that he told me how to download off of their web page).

After looking the instructions over I went out to try to use my nice new tool and discovered I was missing a piece to my router base plate!  I've had to order another one (from woodcraft) and it will be in proably early next week.

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