Monday, February 22, 2010

The Phantom Woodworking Show

Saturday my wife and I got up early (for us, on a Saturday) and hit the road to drive down to Marlborough, Massachusetts to attend a woodworking show I had found online a few weeks ago.  We made the 86 miles drive in bright sunshine and good spirits, arriving at our destination 10 minutes before the show was scheduled to start that day (the website advertising a 3 day event, Fri - Sun).

Imagine our surprise to show up and find an empty ...  nay, a desolately deserted ... parking lot (I mean this was just a tumble-weed away from spooky).  The event center was associated with a hotel set in the same complex so we drove up to the hotel and found out, sure enough, no woodworking show.  The hotel told us the show had moved to Connecticut this year and we were the 5th person they had turned away so far.

I later sent an e-mail to the publishers of the website and they responded with an appology, wanting to know how I had come across that page as it was just a test page.  My responce: "google".  They did get my address and are supposed to sending me tickets to the "Big E", witch is a big show in Boston every January.

Not to be denied my woodworking fix, I grabbed my GPS unit and pulled up the address for the local Rockler store.  That worked out kind of nice as I had not been there before (I have a Rockler and a Woodcraft within an hour of my house).  So we got to roam around the Rockler for a while and walked out happy, but poorer.  At least I got some change.

But I got some neat stuff:

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Lazy Larry said...

Hey there.. all was not a waste... good score... I wish I had a Rockler near by...