Thursday, November 5, 2009

Long time ... no post

Well, cancer treatment followed by vacation / recupration has caused a big gap in posts, but I'm back home now and slowly starting to get back in the shop.

I did get my new router base from Woodcraft, and found that it was too big for the dadomax jig (I'll explain in a later video), but I figured out a way to solve this problem and ordered some nylon set screws from

Everything is together and I made a test cut with the dadomax and it works good (once I fine tune it according to instuctions it will work great).

On vacation we went camping and the wheels on my camper have been in desperate need of some attention for a few seasons now.  Here are the left side tires when we go to the campground:

So I got out a wire brush, scrubbed them down, and painted them with some white rustoleum:

Then I walked around for two days saying "Boy don't those tires look nice!"

Before I left for vacation I did make it into the shop to do some work on the drawer fronts for the built in.  So here is a new editions of "The Nicked Finger":