Wednesday, January 27, 2010

3, 2, 1, .... 0 Clearance

I've had a zero clearance insert sitting around my shop forever (a few years anyway) that I never go installed into my table saw.  While working on the raised drawer fronts it became quickly apparent that I was going to have to do SOMETHING to keep the short end of the small drawers from falling into the blade opening of my standard insert while they were being cut, so I finally bit the bullet and figured out how to get the inset put in:

Of course now I'm kicking myself for not doing this earlier (like when I was doing the simple kitchen cabinet).  I'm going to have to find a couple more of these so I can make one for my Dado Set.

The drawer fronts are coming along.  I'm doing them in sets of three.... the first night I put the 1st coat on one set of three.  Last night I put a first coat on the 2nd set of 3 and the 2nd coat on the first set of three.

One coat:

Two Coats:

The built in face frame got 3 coats, so I have one more to go on the first set of three.  Here is a "naked" board next to one with 2 coats:

So tonight, the 3rd set will get the 1st coat, the 2nd set will get the 2nd coat and the 1st set will get the 3rd right?  Thankfully there are only 4 sets of 3 drawers each.

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