Monday, January 4, 2010

Shop Funiture - Maybe the most fun thing to build

Shop Furniture creates no pressure on the builder, you can try new stuff if you want.  You can build for you the way you think it should be.

I designed this to fit my little router table because the router table USED to live on top of the wood stove, but that became impracticle when the snow started to fly.

The top is about 40" long and 18" wide.  I inset a Kreg clamp plate in the center so I can slide the clamp in if I need it.

The "middle" shelf is also mounted on drawer slides for easy access of whatever lives in there (I think my dovetail jig will live here permanently).

It looks like I have enough room to put one more pull out shelf on top with 4" of clearance. It will make a good place to store all my router bits.

I need to make a couple doors to close this up (keep the dust of everthing inside).  I also have some wiping varnish left over from the Vanity that can give this a quick coat of.

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