Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm not normally a fan of old tools...

That's right, I generally prefer the newer shiny tools.  I like fighting with that clear plastic vacuum packaging that is nearly impossible to open.  I like holding the instruction manual and thinking "how hard can this really be.....?"

Recently, however, I had an offer from an extended family member to purchase a large lot of tools that were in her basement (she had just sold her house is moving south).  I went over and looked everything over and walked away $100.00 poorer, but loaded down with a bunch of old tools.

Included in the lot was a bunch (probably 20 or more) of files (of which I really had none), a pipe cutter (didn't have one of those either), for some strange reason 6 or 7 glass cutters, a centering punch (got one of those for Christmas a few days earlier but having a spare is fine), a very cool hand drill set-up with 30 or 40 bits ranging all the way up to 3/4" of an inch.  2 hand planes (one craftsman and one with no brand I could determine), and a few specialty planes that I'm really happy about:

There was Stanley #71 Router Plane (used to smooth out the bottom of dado's and grooves).  The Internet says this plane goes for $32 - $72 dollars on e-bay.

There was also a Stanley No. 378 Rabbet Plane (used for - you guessed it - cleaning up Rabbets).  The Internet says this plane goes for $60 - $150 dollars on e-bay.

And while these are both pretty dirty right now, they look to be in fine shape and once I clean them up, check the blades for sharpness, They will be nearly good as new.

So once you add in the nail punches, old screw drivers, "egg-beater" drills, chalk line and chalk, marking crayons, carcass saw, large hunk of paraffin wax, and other .... stuff, I think I ended up with a pretty good deal (did I mention the 3 1/2' long bow saw with the extra blade?).

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